Sunday, May 3, 2009

One of the most amazing benefits of meditation is your enhanced ability too see beneath the surface. I am not talking about looking at someone else. I am not talking about becoming a better judge of human nature. I am talking about looking within. I am slowly developing this ability to watch myself. I think the word Hindu scriptures use for this is being 'Saakshi'. You look at your own reactions, you watch your self in action. It is as if you are split in two. One is the doer and the other watches on silently. As I watched myself it slowly dawned on me that I was wearing a mask . I have always been proud of the fact that I am myself most of the time. I was never bothered about what others may think about me. I now realize that at times I play games with myself. I am wearing a mask. I am now able to see beyond this mask sometimes. Slowly I am getting to know the real me. I wonder if all of us are like this. In deep meditation there comes a time when a sort of union happens between all that is you. That feeling of complete surrender, where 'me' disappears is wonderful. That one moment of complete happiness and peace where all your masks come difficult to describe........stupendous to live.


Thoughtscape said...

Hi Anuradha, in order to see what is beneath the mask I think we need a leap of faith, a strong belief that we are by far more than we think we are ...I believe we all, no exception, are an intrinsic part of God, just that our limited five senses in our limited 3 dimensioned Universe do not allow us to see more than that. I believe I "see" the door that allows me to see beneath my "mask", but I also feel the need of some kind of a higher approval that would allow me to open that door, to see beneath the mask and to see who I really am. Or maybe I am wrong, maybe I do not need a higher approval, just a simple approval from all those who surround me, and I am not talking about distance or people I encountered physically, I am talking about people like you, like your mom, and many, many others for instance. I do feel I am unfulfilled because I know it is in my grasp to find what I am searching for, and still it is like I am in the fog, and although I know that I have the compas that would show me the way...for unknown reasons I feel I am not using it. I am not talking of my personal achievements, or degrees I earned, or arts, I am sure none of these are seeded beneath my mask, our masks. I hope your family is doing well. Peace and love Octavian.

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Ashok said...

Hello Anuradha,
Very nice post.Thanks for sharing your views.
Meditation- will help see your destiny (future ) too if you are practicing mediation correctly.
Meditation- to stop the THOUGHT (thinking)process means NO mind .
when there is no mind, you enter into CHITTA which is nothing but NIRVIKAR MIND.
That's our goal..MUKTIIIIiiiiiiiiii.

Amrita Singh said...

THe picture you have used to understand your theme of subject is quite nice and yes meditation helps you look and understand things beneath the subject.

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Hi Anuradha,
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