Thursday, April 23, 2009


The year before last saw me in a state which can be best described as blissful, confusing and mesmerizing. I was charmed but unable to fathom what was happening to me. I had loads of visions about different religious practices. I had more than a fair share of astral travel. I was here constantly seeking answers. I stopped writing as the answers actually began to unfold. I wanted to understand the situation better before sitting to write again. I haven't understood the How and Why behind everything but some understanding of the phenomena dawned on me slowly. I realized that whatever I experienced in the past two years was a trailer of what ever I had achieved in this field in my past lives.
I had to remember all I had learned earlier before I cold move further. My past was catching up with me. Since this knowledge was all there, explanations were rare. The pace was extremely fast and furious as I could appear for my third grade only after remembering all that I learned in my playschool through to second grade.
Now that I have finally moved to next grade, the flow is much more gentle. My understanding of my situation is much better. My acceptance level is higher and my need to question has given way to faith. I am finally a believer. I still do not know one thing.......why does this omnipresent and omnipotent source of power love me so much. People seek but never find. I was given without seeking, without asking and with immense love. Whosoever you are ....thank you and love you ....lots.