Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lamb and Vortex

My husband was to catch the early morning flight to Mumbai so I was up at four in the morning. I was not doing anything else from enjoying his company and generally chatting with him. He would be away for a few days and I was missing him already. He went in for a shower and I lay down beside my baby to cuddle her. Sleeping babies do look like angles, once they are awake is another story altogether.
That day I realized why Hindu’s call early morning Amrit Vela or the time when nectar can be yours. The meditation happened so rapidly that I was in it completely before I could have said meditation.
The vision was extremely clear. I could feel the wind on my face. I could smell the sea salt in the air. Well, coming back to where I started. I was standing near the sea. Below me was not a sandy beach but cliffs. I was surprised to see pine cones scattered on the flat surfaces of the cliff. When I looked carefully, I saw trees that looked like fir or pine trees. The small ones were growing in the crevices of the cliff. I have never seen pine trees near sea before. In India, pine trees are found only in some mountainous regions that have nothing to do with sea.
I saw a rough path leading up the slope and started walking on that. After a few minutes of walking on this path, I noticed the trees were getting denser. They were huge trees; some of them would have a trunk with a diameter of six to eight feet.
As I walked along, I saw that there was moss kind of growth on some trees. Surprisingly the moss was not green. It was grey-blue, the colour of sky on a cloudy day.
Whenever I would look up at the path ahead, I could see a small bright light. It was like a firefly gone blue. I was following this tiny flickering light.
This light suddenly stopped and grew bigger in size. It was now the size of a dinner plate. It had a curious pattern on it, like lots of concentric circles moving in circles. It beckoned me to step inside. I was thinking how that would be possible when this light grew bigger and became more like a tunnel. I was little hesitant to step inside although this hesitation was momentary. I saw a snow-white lamb walking towards me. He was jumping and leaping the way baby lambs do. He told me not to hesitate. He had come to my aid and I should follow him.
Here the energy dipped and I knew I would have to leave. I didn’t want to. He didn’t want me to. I could almost feel our hands slipping from the clasp. Its weird as the lamb cannot have hands. It is just a metaphor I am using to describe how I felt at that point in time.
I could feel myself slipping away from that light and that playful and celestial lamb. He turned the same blue as the tunnel and slowly the light became more distant and smaller. It did not fade away. It disappeared. Until the last glimpse, it was bright as a light can be.
Lamb is a clear sigh that what I was about to see was related to Christianity.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sorry Readers

I want to apologize for not posting for so long. I am unwell so won't be posting for another week. Please bear with me. Thanks.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tagged! & Random facts about me!

I have been tagged by Ray at Esotrical Journey. Well, seven random and/or weird facts about me and from India.

1. Procastination is the biggest bane of my life. I am trying.....for the past decade or so to be more proactive...........and I am still trying.

2. I love to paint. Sometimes I don't paint for months and the suddenly when the creative streak wakes up I paint like a woman possessed.

3. I absolutely love cooking, but not the normal everyday mundane stuff. I can easily cook for a party of 30 people.

4. I like going for the movies and I watch a huge spectrum of genres. I adore whacky movies.

5. There was a time in my life, my teens, when I dreamt of becoming a bollywood actress.....lol.

6. I am very good at daydreaming. Sometimes the stories I weave are so facinating I don't feel like coming out of that world.

7. My kids are my biggest weakness.

ok....now I am goint to Tag;

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Now for the rules:
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