Friday, January 11, 2008


This seesaw of energy was really getting to me. I finally had a heart to heart with my guru and viola....this was expected. She told me that this was bound to happen. When ever this type of deeper meditation happens for the first time the cosmic energy is too much to handle. It is generally advised not to try meditation for at least 2-4 weeks afterwards. The body needs time to adjust. LOL....I guess I didn't listen carefully enough. The excitement must have got to me(blush). So for another 4-5 days meditation is off limits until it happens on its own. No wonder I was perplexed, sometimes I would feel so much energy that I could shoot out like a rocket and then suddenly it was kaput, fuel needle would be in red. Its a real blessing to have her around. I am really lucky to have a guide who is accessible. My mum met her guru just a few times in her lifetime. Must have been a whole lot of confusion happening....whole lot of self discovery too.


Alban, Teacher of God said...

It truly is an incredible gift to have access to a Master. I guess it does speed up the process of awakening more than anything else.

And yet, no Master and no one can do anything for anyone if one does not ask for it. We have to ask for help all the time, because we need it.

I understand your excitement. What a great experience you had. I hope you find what you need to integrate your new mind, and let your world catch up with it. Be gentle with yourself. No need to do anything. Ha, as if that would be easy.

Thanks for doing what you do.

Thoughtscape said...

Hi Alban,
you said "no Master and no one can do anything for anyone if one does not ask for it. We have to ask for help all the time, because we need it." my question is, if you ask for help how do you ask for help? What would be the proper way to do it?

Ray Gratzner said...

I think every journey has its own rythm, nothing could be hurried in meditation. Best wishes.

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Thanks for asking, Octavian. That actually is a form of asking for help.

There are many forms of asking for help, and what works for one, might not work for another.

I learned that if I mean it when asking for help, I get help. That of course, goes for anything. What you really mean, becomes a reality for you. In that sense, the form of your asking does not matter at all. It is always a question of what it is you are asking in your heart. What is it that you really want? What is your purpose? What are you here for? It is true that your life will shape around, and organize according to how you answer these questions. If you want peace, you will find peace. It is totally a matter of your determination.

In my case, I knew somewhere that the solutions offered by this world, would not help me, or anyone, in my, or his, need for help. How did I know this? I don't know. I knew I needed help, and nothing I found in this world, answered my need.

Then I found A Course In Miracles. That was quite some years ago. I did the mind training lessons, and still do them. Every day. To do this is my form of asking for help. I can't do a normal life. A Course In Miracles is not coming from a human being or anything normal here. It was the answer I was looking for.

Of course, asking for help is also when I talk to a friend about something that is bothering me. Praying to Jesus, God or whomever. I often use Jesus, because I love him. He helps always.

Asking for help, in my case, is also to be at Endeavor Academy, where The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles is teaching. No matter how I feel, regardless of fear or resistance, or whatever darkness, in which I may find myself in, I go to "session". I may not have the slightest clue of what is going on, or what he says, but I go, because I know there is an energetic transmission happening. Call it healing, resurrection, it doesn't matter. It is light, and miracles are happening and seen in light. That helps my healing and awakening. That is my way of asking for help. I expose myself to the light.

In a way I am re-phrasing the idea, on which you quoted me. The presence of a master is like a catalyst. It means a speeding up of your process. A real master, to me, also does not shy away from confronting you, when you are stuck, or from telling you what you don't want to hear. He has to, because he has to teach the truth, and won't let you die. In that sense my participation in what is offered at Endeavor Academy is like an incubator. I am getting cooked, presented with situations that are bringing me to the point where I really ask for help. The clearer I am about the situation I find myself in, the more openly I will ask for help, and the more immediately I will get help.

It is always just me. I am dreaming this world. As long as I like to be here, I will find a reason to be here. When I realize I don't want it anymore, I leave. It is incredibly simple, when I see that it is just me in my mind.

I wonder how Anuradha would answer this question. Thank you, Anuradha.

It got a long answer. I will use it for posting on my blog.

I hope this gives you a better idea, Octavian. Cheers,

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thanks ray for your insight. You are right nothing can be hurried here or slowed down either. It finds its own rhythm and you have to follow...

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Octavian,
There is no proper or improper way of talking to God. He listens how so ever you say it. Believe me I have fought with him. My mother had given me a photograph of her guru, who I have met twice but he wasn't her guru then. I like him a lot and feel a deep connection with him. He is no longer alive.When I was distraught due my father's passing away, I fought with him (her guru) for not helping me heal, for not helping me meet my father once to see for my self how happy he is now. Oh how I fought. I took his photograph from my bedside table and put it away in the back of my wardrobe. I didn't speak to him for days. I told him he didn't love me at all. I challenged him to prove his love for me. In doing all this I was basically fighting with God. I thought he would be angry with me, but he understood. He helped me. He didn't judge me. All you need is "NEED" to be with him. You can pray. You can fight. You can love. You can be silent. He will hear you never the less. Don't worry about how to reach him. In just thinking about reaching him you are there with him.Alban is right that if you can get a proper teacher or a master to help you you will progress faster. Don't worry too much. Looks like you are on the right path.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thanks Alban for putting in words so aptly what you thought of the subject. I always look forward to reading your comments.

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Thoughtscape said...

Thank you both Anuradha and Alban for answering my question. Yes sometimes I feel agree for not getting the help I want and it is good to know that no matter how my feelings are, of anger or feelings of thankfulness and appreciation I am still loved impartially by the Creator. Although I believe in Miracles my objectives are by far more earthly than yours Alban, I am more tangent to Anuradah’s path of life. I am married and it is kind of difficult to dedicate myself entirely to the task you embrace. I experienced an OBE and I saw myself three-dimensionally floating in the tunnel after I followed the meditation steps in William Hewitt’s book Beyond Hypnosis (also the author was nice and answered some questions in a letter), I told the story somewhere here. According to Bill he saw Christ in his time in one of his induced Theta or Delta state of mind. I believe him because I experienced the OBE phenomena using the instructions of his book; also Anuradha went back in time in one of her meditation sessions and saw the Pyramids with the polished tiles on them. Also when I was about 5-6 years old and over the summer being in the country on my grandma’s balcony and sad because my grandma was poor, old and sick in contrast with me a city kid who had everything, I witnessed the sky opening from inside out like a huge rectangle and I could see inside my grandma’s bedroom, a short while latter it closed itself from outside to inside. The vision was telling me that our feelings are "read" every second of our lives by an omnipotent power.
I thought we all have the healing power and I tried, using hypnosis, to heal a stranger a 40 years old woman of lung cancer in Europe (I was visiting my relatives). I thought her how to do the self hypnosis to help herself, I gave her great hopes, also I bought for her expensive drugs ...still she died less than 4 months later, the cancer spread out to her brain. In the same period of time I meditated together with a lady, I from the States and she from Europe, to bring her mother back from a long coma. It looked like we succeeded and we were excited and we stopped meditating...still she died less than 3 months letter. The miracles I believe in are those Anuradha experiences. I love Christ not because the miracles we read in the bible he performed…that is e quest of faith, I love him because 2000 years ago when most of Europe, Asia and Africa were populated by barbarians, Jesus spread the word of love and peace, and this is the greatest Miracle of all. On the other hand Jesus did not heal everybody who attended his seminars and I am sure there were plenty of sick people, only those whose souls wanted to experience the Miracle of Healing, or Resurrection. Alban maybe you can’t experience the miracles you want because your Soul wants to experience something else through you. I believe that our goals or success in our lives does not have tangency with our "souls" goals, which by the way we might never know...
Question for you Anuradha, did your father levitate when he was alive, what about your mother can she do it now? I am still a little bit "angree" I can’t go beyond the critical point in my meditation sessions... still I have the gut feeling I will do it sooner than I expect... Lots of love Octavian

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Octavian,

NO, neither of my parents ever tried levitation or any other similar phenomena solely for one reason. The cosmic energy that we have can either be used to take our soul on a mystical journey or be used in frivilous(as they would term it) shows of power like levitation.Sorry but as per them this 'showing off' was for magacians nor seekers. They didn't want to prove any point to any one.

Thoughtscape said...

Dear Anuradha,
I understand your point of view, in this case the levitation or the healing power is a "miracle" if it is not performed by magicians...and I am not sure if anybody else, besides the magicians and their mirrors truly performed it, except those from Torah, Bible, Koran etc, but to those exceptions I must add that it is a quest of Faith and depends on a personal belief.
A mystical journey must be a miracle too...but by far more accessible, I had access to it for a "limited" time, I must do a "reverse engineering" to understand why it was a time when I could achieve it and now I am depleted of that cosmic energy. It must be related to feelings, deep emotions, I remember that I was emotionally shaken minutes before I felt the breeze on my body and catapulted into the tunnel, I remember I had tears in my eyes, I remember I was in between jobs. That was me, with you is different, you were not in a stressful situation like I was, I might say you were content and still you achieved your journeys over and over again, so it must be the emotions in extremes, excelling with happiness, or sadness. I must create that emotion to its extreme and I will try to go with the constructive one. I am not sure that if I follow the average path I will achieve something. What about your guru, or you, do you feel that “extreme emotion “before you travel in those mystical places? One more thing, a couple of times, before I felt myself “floating” I believe I gasped one time fast, involuntary air in my lungs, like you turn on the car engine with the key and it starts running, or like a person who dies and breaths in one more time fast and deep for the last time. I wonder if when we go to sleep before we go deep in the realm of dreams we gasp one time fast without noticing, maybe to help the Soul to be “pulled” out?
It would be nice if everybody would contribute in finding a procedure to get to the mystical travel that it might work for everybody without exception, we should look for that common denominator that works for all of us, if it works for somebody from India then it should work for somebody from Australia, Africa, America, North Pole or elsewhere. Lots of love Octavian

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Octavian,

You are right what works for one must work for all. My understanding, which is very limited, says that it also depends upon how prepared we are (as in our souls). I find no other explanation to my being in this state. My soul must have been ready. Its like the same 100 meter race can take seconds for a world class athlete and many long minutes for any of us couch potatoes.Many souls might have tried for many lifetimes to accumulate this power which to our eyes seems to come out of no where to many people. Also it should co realte with how much time we spend honeing this skill, if I can call it one. Keep trying and keep believing is all I can say to my friend.