Friday, January 18, 2008


Thanks So much guys for helping me unfold at least a bit of the mystery. I still don't know why I saw this Raven but this is what I found after following your leads....

Raven in Wicca:

Ravens, and to a lesser degree Crows, are very magical creatures. Raven with her plumage as dark as the void between the stars, is a citizen of the afterworld. She travels between the worlds of the living and the dead. Being native to both worlds, Raven naturally has great knowledge and Power to effect transformations. Raven is associated as a Wicca symbol because of this power to move between the worlds, and create new realities as she chooses.

To Shamanic people of many cultures, Raven was, for the most part, beneficial. To the superstitious and some of orthodox religions, the bird was an ill omen.

Native American Raven Beliefs:

American Indians associated Raven with magic, a powerful medicine or power that gives courage to enter the void, the Great Mystery where Great Spirit resides. When Raven appears, there will be a positive change in consciousness. Raven guards ritual magic and healing.
Raven brought light into the darkness of the world and transformed and created part of Maka, Mother Earth. He named plants and taught animals.
Raven is the hallmark of shape-shifting. Raven could see all and find things that are hidden.
Some tribes believe that Raven is Trickster like Coyote and Crow. Raven is teacher out outwits himself, being fooled by his shenanigans.
Raven, in accordance with Celtic symbolism, is believed to be a sign that something special, but unexpected will happen.

Old World Pagan Raven Symbolism and Superstitions:

Bran is the Celtic word for Raven, ubran is the Welsh name. Raven symbolizes protection, initiation and healing. It brings in deep healing and signifies the death of one thing to bring in the birth of another. Raven’s other attributes are eloquence, change in consciousness, wisdom, messages from spirit and something unexpected, but beneficial would happen soon. Raven was believed to be not totally trustworthy, so Celts were careful in working with it.

Raven is regarded as an omen of both good fortune and bad, carrying the medicine of magic. Europeans often associated the Raven with war, death and departed spirits.But the Raven has not always been associated with death, spirits and darkness. Quite the contrary, the Raven was believed by some to be the bringer of light, truth and goodness. It is the brighter side of the Raven, this intelligence and ingenuity, an ability to use cunning – this association with light, illumination, truth and goodness, that hold more importance.

Ravens are birds of omen, in Druid augury, who predict the future by studying the flight of the birds. The raven is also believed to be an oracular bird, and a bearer of messages from the Other world.
So, What I gather is , Raven symbolises magical change in consciousness. It also helps in travel to other worlds. He is mysterious and mostly positive. Great.


Sameer said...

Interesting to read….. is Raven are same as Crows, Jackdaws, rooks…They are high cleverness birds. Such as wolves in animal.

Sophia said...

Twice some of the visions I had in meditation sessions led me to meet other people. I emailed them when I found them on the Internet. Luckily they were people who already believed in such things. :)

Ray Gratzner said...

I like ravens. They are clever. Thank you for this interesting post.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Sameer,
Crows and ravens, although in the same genus (Corvus) are different birds. (Think of leopards and tigers.Although in Greek mythology and many others either name can be used.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Sophia,
Thats very intresting. Please do share your experiences with us.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

You are most welcome Ray.

Zathyn Priest said...

I've read a few of your posts and I'm intrigued with the Raven in your meditation. Hopefully you'll have the experience again and be able to gain more insight from it. I'll definitely be coming back here to read more.

Also, I want to thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind words left on my Blog. It meant a lot to me.

Best Wishes,

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thanks so much for appreciation and understanding ZANTHYN.
You are most welcome. Hope to see you again soon.

Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for the sharing. You have sealed your rich article with the picture of the incredible beauty. The shot talks so comvincigly, that further comments become the needless - thank you.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

dear Tomas,
Thank you so much for appreciating not omly the post but the effort gone in finding the right picture.:-)

Anonymous said...

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