Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Raven...

After a long time I had a wonderful session of meditation. Very deep and intense. The energy was almost too much to handle. Soon I found myself going through loops of blue light. Almost every hue of blue you can think of. After a while it was pitch black. I couldn't see a thing. Then I looked around and realized I was somewhere in a forest. All the trees were black . The darkest black you can think of. I was looking down at the forest. I though I am on top of a mountain, but the I realized the cliffs were also beneath me. Deep dark crevices. The mountain had razor sharp outlines. Going up suddenly, plunging down the next moment. I was sitting on top of a black coloured bird which was huge. I could only see his head and neck, which was in front of me, as I was sitting across his neck. It had shiny black feathers, like black having blue highlights. We were flying over deep valleys. For the first time, instead of a feeling of awe, I felt a little afraid. Afraid and excited at the same time. I felt something very mysterious was going to unfold. I knew I was here to learn a new technique. Only this much was revealed to me so far. My heart was fluttering with excitement. Suddenly I felt someone shaking me. My eight year old couldn't sleep, he woke me up for a cuddle and a cup of milk. How do you explain to this little baby what he had done !Well both of us had milk and cookies and I went to bed hoping someday I might be privileged with information I was about to be given. I don't know what Raven means in meditation or where this place was. I'll research on the net tonight and post whatever I can find.

Anyone who knows about Ravens and the symbolism attached please share with us here. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Raven is usually associated with Wicca traditions and Pagan traditions. Do explore that. I like your blog. It makes fantastic reading.

Anonymous said...

Raven is a magical bird. It can travel between the worlds.In Native American mythology he is considered a trickster.He is wise.In Greek mythology Apollo considered Raven a prophet as do the the BOROROS of present day Brazil. Name is SKULLZZ.

Louis said...

I believe your son woke you up at the exact moment that your experience was supposed to end. Nothing in this kind of work happens by chance.


Thoughtscape said...

Hi Louis,

Your explanation with the reason Anuradha's son woke her up, might answer many of my questions related to my experiences and their endings.

Blessings, Octavian

Tania said...

This is from "Animal Speak" the summary paragraph for Raven...

"The winter solstice and winter season is the time of greatest power for those with Raven as a totem. The solstice is the shortest day of the year. The sun shines a little more each day. This is symbolic of the influence of raven. It teaches how to go into dark and bring forth the light. With each trip in, we develop the ability to bring more light out. This is creation."

I also agree that you got woken up at the appropriate time... I've had the same type of experience... you might have been going too deep.

Peace & Blessings,

mossy said...

Life is not always a series of random events. It may be that your son was protecting you, or perhaps you yourself chose your son over the raven.

For me in this scene the raven seems to represent a dark force in us that likes power, exhilaration, independence, excitement, as well as anything that glitters.

Thoughtscape said...

Dear Mossy,

If you take from me “the dark force” that represent my power, exhilaration, independence, excitement, as well as anything that glitters…then what is left for me? What is my purpose of being human, after I will pass away my Soul will probably experiment the obsolete Divine power being an intrinsic part of God in that hyper dimension…what I am trying to say is that if I do not live Life then I really should not come in this World, I should leave my place my sit for a different Soul that would take advantage of being human, and will honor the Will of God of enjoying everything he gave us and created for us.

I am aware that many people starve and suffer throughout the World and I do not feel comfortable that I live a decent life from this point of you, I do care and I want everybody to have at least a decent life if not even more than that, but I did everything possible to get here to who I am, I mean I earned a college degree in Europe and another one in the States, and I worked a full job in the morning and I have been a full time student in the evening and took care of my wife and my child too. The good thing is that the World is shaping and we have a European Union and soon maybe a World Union, we are heading to the right direction.

When you meditate you elevate your mind and you go to a Magic World, when you are awake the magic is gone and you have to act like a human being, and that is the beauty of this World and the gift we got from God … please do not strip me off my exhilaration, excitement and anything else, if I want to go to Disco for excitement then be happy for me… because I am happy for your endeavors.

Blessings Octavian

Sophia said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glad to have the opportunity now to stop by yours and read some of your writing. I am please to see that much of what you write about are subjects that I take a great interest in.

I am not that great at meditating yet, but I have had a few visions during meditation. Just a few brief visions.

mossy said...


I guess I projected my personal struggle on to you.

Your questions sound rhetorical so I will leave them.

I wish you all of the finest things and abundant magic in your life.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Louis,
I hope you are right and I got up when I was supposed to. These experiences are so amazing that I always feel ...oh no...I am up...kind of feeling.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Tania,
Well, if Louis, mossy and you agree that I was not woken up before time, I guess I will go with the thought.
Thanks Tania for you feed back on Ravens.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Octavian,

The discussion we had on materialism and spirituality was to finally make us comfortable with our spirituality and other pursuits co-existing together. Please keep that in mind and be at peace ...always.

mossy said...


Excuse me, I thought that Mindscapes response to me was from you. I hope I did not create any confusion.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

No Mossy,
Not all. All of us here like a healthy discussion. You are free to answer any query that has been put to me , so is everyone else.Thoughtscape is my friend who visits regularly and we have loads of discussions.Please feel free to join in.