Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Head is Spinning...

The energy levels were very high today. I had a feeling I must finish my work and head for a quiet place soon. Meditation was instant and deep. I didn't have to try too hard to concentrate. I saw a white wolf in a forest. As I looked at the wolf I felt as if he wanted me to follow him. I didn't have any feeling of fear seeing this wolf although he was huge. I walked behind him till we came to a clearing in the forest. I don't know whether he stayed back to explain what I saw next or did he go away. I saw a circle being drawn on the clearing. Then a five point star came up within the circle, all points touching the circle. Suddenly this geometrical figure caught fire. Then I saw a hand of a woman holding a wine goblet. It was a beautiful hand. She wore a ring with a big moon stone surrounded with diamonds on her forefinger. I remember hearing the words 'Chalice' and 'Grail'. There was some kind of liquid inside that goblet. Then I saw a half naked woman enter this circle. It was very strange but on seeing her I didn't feel any sexual undercurrents, instead there was a a feeling of reverence surrounding her. I had a feeling that this ritual will finish with copulation. This made me feel uncomfortable. I sort of walked away from this scene. I have never done this, walking away, ever till date. To my some what prude mindset this was something very confusing. I got up and went for a walk on my terrace. My mind was buzzing. I had to find out what had I witnessed just now. I logged in and found this......

This is a very basic ritual pattern that describes the parts of the Wicca rituals that are common to all traditions.

Casting the Circle: Most Wicca rituals begin by "casting the circle", which is the act of defining sacred space. They use a circle because the moon and sun are circles, and the horizon is a circle, as are many other things in nature, for it is the most basic of geometric shapes. The magic circle, within Wicca, is treated as a kind of division between the mundane world on the outside and the sacred world within, where magic can happen more easily. Any place can be transformed into sacred space, by pushing the furniture in a room to the walls or by selecting an empty spot in the woods or on a beach. It is also considered a container for power; in this sense it acts to keep things in more than out, though protection from dangers without can also be a part of its function. Usually the circle is cast using a sword, though any of the "masculine" tools, like the athame, wand, or staff can be used instead.

The circle is ritually cleansed and purified with the four elements in order to make ready a place for the powers of those elements to enter. This may be done by the priest or priestess, or by people previously selected to represent the four quarters. Some me traditions perform elemental purification before the circle is cast. The typical purification method is to carry an elemental tool deosil around the circle, starting with air (incense) in the east, fire (a candle) in the south, water in the west, and earth (soil or salt) in the north. The five vertices of the pentacle represent the four elements with the addition of Spirit as the uppermost point.

Drawing Down the Moon: At this point of the ritual, witches call upon the Goddess to enter the circle. The priest recites an invocation before the Priestess, and the spirit of the Goddess enters the priestess, to speak with her voice.

The Great Rite:In its "actual" form, the Great Rite is a sexual ritual. If you choose to include a symbolic Great Rite in your ritual you may use the water chalice as the symbol of the woman and the athame as the symbol of the man; the man holds the athame and dips it into the chalice-- symbolic of intercourse. Wicca is unashamed, but not promiscuous or voyeuristic.


Louis said...

Hi Anuradha,

As soon as I started reading this post I felt sure you were seeing the beginnings of a Wiccan ritual. Back when I first began my esoteric education I studied Wicca for awhile. The rituals sere so familiar and the practice of magic came so easy to me that I was certain I was involved with some form of it in another incarnation.

It is a good possibility you were also involved in that sort of work in a previous lifetime.

Some of these flashbacks can be somewhat unsettling at times.


Thoughtscape said...

This experience of yours was mind blowing. I read a little bit of Wicca, in my mind Wicca is synonym with a good witch. I am more of a New Age type of guy because it is more contemporary, based mostly on mediation and relaxation of the body. Although I was raised as a Christian I can’t accept the idea that only the people who embrace the Christian ideology are “saved” and go to “Heaven” and the other billions of people do not have this chance…I would refuse to go if I’d now that others were left behind for good; We all are the God’s “children” and we all are heading to a brighter future no matter what are our beliefs, way of life, values, or place of birth. I am not a shy person and the fact that even in the Bible it is written that Adam and Eve were walking naked in Paradise makes me believe that it would be OK for the rest of us to do it too…though as you imagine if I would do it on the streets I would be arrested in the next couple of minutes…

You said that you had a feeling that this ritual will finish with copulation and made you feel uncomfortable and left the scene; I would not live the scene like you did, I would enjoy watching it, when I watch a movie I am not skipping the love scenes, copulation is the greatest gift God gave us, and when we have orgasm we elevate our minds close to God, like in a deep meditation session, if we can visualize a goal in that minute of orgasm is like giving personally a letter to God with our wishes as pictures, you said in one of your topics that a picture is worth it one thousand words… For people who can not achieve deeper states of meditation to set up their goals maybe the way I explained above with be the best…I tried a couple of times and it worked, though it is very difficult because I always forgot to do it, my mind was always enjoying something else in those moments.

I am not ashamed of anything God created for us, and I enjoy looking at a beautiful woman and admire her, I also believe that the doctors and lawyers are God’s creation too. If in the past the family was important for procreation and for continuation of the mankind species, now more women adopt children or raise their own children by themselves without getting married, their profession and salaries allow them to do that without the help of a husband. Also more and more people are sent by the companies and travel over seas to work for several weeks or months, there are doubts that the wives or husbands wait so long without having sex in such a long period of time… On the other hand if we come in this World over and over again I am sure that we enjoyed all the time different partners. I believe that the Mankind is heading to a different way of life reconsidering the morals or what indecent proposal mean, and what was considered immoral in the past it could be considered now OK by lots of people and in the future a very normal way of life for all of us. To say nothing that most of the people get married after they graduated from a collage and already worked for a couple of years…at that age I am sure that the brides are not anymore virgins…for a long time, and not because by the groom. Anyway, everything I wrote above is my personal point of views and they do not need to be true or accepted as being true, everyone can use their on judgment or think about their own life experiences. The fact that you felt unconfortable and left the scene means that your relationship could be monogamous, or Wicca rituals or ideology is not your way of thinking. Blessings, Octavian

Louis said...


What you say has a lot of merit, You have a very healthy way of looking at life on this planet.


Sophia said...

There are many thoughts and images in the universal consciousness. Maybe you were like a receiver for the signals.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Octavian,

I completely agree with your point of view.I understand what you've said here. I think maybe I didn't make myself understood because I was still in 'head spinning' phase when I wrote this piece.
You are right too about the status of my relationship. I didn't choose to walk away from that scence 'only' because it involved a ritual containing sex. I was bewildered first due to this thing being so different fron what I have experienced so far, I 'knew' how this will end, remenber this line, 'how' did I know was even more bewildering and disturbing. I maybe wrong but to my mind this was witchcraft. I 'knew' this ritual!! I said I am a 'prude', that doesn't mean I will walk away if such a scene is there in a don't understand...this wasn't a film. It was meditation. meditation through sex maybe ok in Wicca or Tantric ritual but sorry it isn't my cup of tea. At that point , when you are in that situation, your thinking is very different. When I had my first good meditation I told my husband that it was ten times into an orgasm. It was just a way of quantifying something.
I don't know 'If' at all I have been able to put in words what I wanted to say......but hey...thats just me.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Sophia,

you may be correct in thinking so. Excellent point of view .

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear louis,

You are so so right when you said,"Some of these flashbacks can be somewhat unsettling at times".

This kind of just sums it up.

Pankaj said...

Osho Rajneesh has spoken about Jati Smaran - remembering one's past life. It's claimed (I have yet to experience it, though your rants make me curious now :) ) Practitioners of meditation are known to go through such strange moments. You would be able to remember life in the reverse mode. I.e. going back to your childhood that you would hardly remember about otherwise, then to the stage of being born...being in mother's womb...then to your past demise and the life before etc. It sounds somewhat crazy, and some people have called Osho a crazy and con man anyway. But, those who have listened to his words quietly and followed it by doing meditation, do know he was not joking on most occasions.

Leaving aside Osho, I have myself experienced strange moments in meditation. At times, it even led me into experiencing a couple of close to beyond body physical body began disappearing, yet I was there. Then a feeling irrupted, as if I was sliding done inside my own body towards the navel, and then into some infinite whirlpool or tunnel....I got scared and ceased doing what I was doing on both times.

Osho called it "The Experiment of Death", which again is about one's existence away from the physiucal body. Scientists call it a brain's gimmick. I myself find it amazing even if it was a brain's gimmick.

It could be anything in your case. Meditation will describe it differently, the psychologist will have another opinion....whatever may the reason be, one can say for sure, you are passing through a stage in life that demands a reassessment about your journey till now, and new goals being set for the future. You would hopefully come out through these experiences living your life far more deeply than now. My best wishes for you to be able to go through these mysteries!

Thoughtscape said...

Dear Anuradha,

It is interesting that you mentioned Wicca and Tantric ritual which are a part of the Western culture and you did not say anything about the ancient Indian Kamasutra that was the foundation of the Western culture I mentioned above. The evolution of Mankind was not done only because the copulation between husband and wife, this is a very little part of it and mainly just for procreation, the real evolution was done mostly because the copulation between lots of different people, not only inside the family for instance (besides others to add conquerors and invaders. In the copulation act it is a continues exchange of fluids and cells through so called osmosis process that go from one person to the other one. It is known that every cell of our body has the whole information about the whole body though it uses only that part of information the organ is assigned for, I mean the cells from the liver, kidney, skin, neurons etc. Someday with one cell from your skin for instance the science will duplicate you…. So in the copulation act both people acquire new information and experiences from the other one that are stored in those cells that penetrated the bodies of both of them through the osmosis process and that information will be used in the future by both of them in different situations as required.

I do not want to say that if a prostitute would have sex with an intelligent guy like Einstein she would suddenly become intelligent and write on the black board math equations from quantum and relativity theory, it won’t happen but I can assure you that her life would be constructively changed, she might even have desires to go back to school. It might be obscene what I say but from this point of view the prostitutes, or other women like them but they did not ask for money, helped the most the course of Mankind Evolution, and they truly are altruistic and closer to God, they are like the bees that pollenise the flowers... But the exchange of information is done not only through the physical copulation using the osmosis process, it is done in the orgasmic state when both of them elevate their minds and the information is passed subliminally to the sub-conscious mind and from there sucked into the conscious mind. Maybe the physical sex will start to phase out little by little and the mental sex will take over and the exchange of information would be done from one Continent to another, from one Solar System to another, from one Galaxy to another for the better good of all of us. Are we ready for this one? I am sure that there are by far more people in the World that they are already...ready!

Someday in a very distant future the Mankind will look very different than now maybe it will be pure light. I wish to paraphrase you, when I had my first good meditation it was ten times into an orgasm, and I add that even when it was over for quite a while still I was sitting there on the couch contemplating the unbelievable.
Everything I said above is my own understanding and belief, I never read about it and it does not need to be true though the process of osmosis exists also the informations saved in the cells is true, but I agree with Sigmund Freud and say that the sex drive is the most important motivating force.

Thoughtscape said...

Hi Louis,

I sense that everything what happens now in the World vs. the Mankind past timeline is heading toward a common denominator. For many married men or women would be unthinkable to have sex with other people. Some people are open minded others might need a couple of life times to go with the flow. I believe that Anuradha’s experience showed her the other side of the story and the fact that she admired the beautiful half naked woman that she was surrounded by reverence before the copulation act, was telling Anuradha that the sexual act is OK, and the fact that the woman was half naked it was giving to Anuradha the choice to choose...and she has chosen to be with the clothes on. I am sure that through out her life she will continue to have this kind of experiences when she will meditate and she probably will reject them as witchcraft, the truth is that when we all sleep and dream we have the same experiences, and we take decisions there...just that we do not remember them when we wake up. One thing is sure that in any second of our lives we give the best of us, even when later we say "I could do it better"”, no we could not do it better...we proved it.

Blessings Octavian

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

OMG...Octavian I adore your passion for stating your thoughts. I mean it in a very positive way. A compliment...ok.
May be I need to evolve furthur to understand lot of things and let go of my dogmas.
Right now I am going with the flow. I am just trying to state my feeling as honestly as I can. It isn't easy to do, but I try.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Pankaj,
don't be afraid of what you have been experiencing. many people don't go through what is called the black tunnel because of fear. Similarly your experience of a whirlpool is nothing to feel fearful of. Go with the flow. You will realize the beauty that comes with letting go and going with the flow.

Starfire said...

Heya Anuradha

I trained in Wicca at one point in my path, so I'm comfortable fielding a response here :-)

Yes, the literal Great Rite is occasionally performed as part of ritual - but in most Wiccan traditions I'm aware of if it happened, it would usually be between a High Priest and High Priestess who were either married or at least in some form of long term committed relationship; and it would usually be done in private, rather than as part of a public ritual.

However, while Wicca is sex-positive, seeing sexuality as a sacred gift of the God and Goddess alike; it's also a religion of personal responsibility, of free will, and of respect for individual differences in comfort levels and boundaries.

That means that far more often than not, the rite is performed purely symbolically - as you've mentioned here, by dipping the blade of a ritual knife (the athame) into a cup of water or wine (the chalice). It's not untrue that this symbolises intercourse, but it's also not complete. More than just intercourse, it symbolises the sacred union of male and female - the God and the Goddess, who come together to create all that is.

I don't know if that makes things a little easier for you to get your head around - if you have any further questions, I'd be happy to answer them if I can.



Starfire said...

Oooh - also, forgot to mention :-)!

It's probably not correct to say that these parts of rituals are common to all Wiccan traditions (although they're certainly common to many!)

Not all Wiccan traditions draw down the moon; and some (Dianic Wiccans, come to mind) don't have priests at all because their circles are women-only. Similarly, many Dianic traditions don't use the Great Rite symbolically or literally, because they focus on the female aspect of the Divine.

If you'd like to learn more about different Wiccan traditions, Beliefnet (an excellent basic interfaith resource site for all kinds of traditions and paths) has some good information under their forums -

and especially the thread about core beliefs -

I don't know if you'll find that helpful - I hope so :-)



Anonymous said...


just came across your posts and browsed thru...u have a peaceful life u meditate too a lot it seems.......DO U BELIEVE IN remote influencing?....
are you open to some experimentations in your meditations...?

if yes do let me know...i am a relatively new seeker in these take a minute and send a few lines at:

Anonymous said...
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Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Starfire,

Thanks so so much for your beautiful and informative comment. I check out the sites you had recommended and found them very informative.
Do visit again.
Lots of love

fiona grimland said...

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