Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Wailing Wall...

After I delivered my second baby I was having a tough time healing physically. One afternoon I was sitting with my sleeping baby in my lap when I felt the energy all around me. In times like these meditation happens. You are kind of pulled towards this energy. I closed my eyes and felt a strong pull in between my eyebrows. I was at peace and my pain seemed to dull completely. I was floating near the blue light when I heard the voice of my guide. I was standing near a thing which can be best described as a wall. I could see no stones or bricks. I felt as if it was alive. I cannot really describe why I felt that way. It was as if the wall could converse with me. My guide told me that this is a wall which has the power to suck out all the negative in a person. All the pain, hurt, negative emotions, things which weight down our soul can be soaked up by this wall. I was instructed to stand as near as possible with my arms out stretched. I was instructed to shout as loudly as I could , to rave, rent, cry out.

The kind of peace which washed over me cannot be put into words. . I will not say that physically I was healed completely but I felt a new vigour. I could cope up with my pain much better. I was also told that this wall contains emotions and messeges of those who have left us.


Anonymous said...

Summerwitch said:
You have had some really wonderful and deep messages I believe. Keep it up, love reading about your experiences with meditation. Blessings Summer-Raine

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Krokodil said:
Interesting stuff

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful post.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my website!
I still have to find my peace of mind again and still have not been sitting much. Its not the pain so much, but more a feeling of hast and no time to waste...not the best feeling. I should just sit. I will read your weblog for some inspiration!

Thanks again,
Greetings, Francisca.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I have linked your weblog to mine!

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thanks Francisca. Appreciation of people keeps me going. God bless.