Sunday, December 16, 2007

The verdict.......

Wonderful response to my question friends. I enjoyed reading all the reactions and feed back I hope so did every one else. I feel the verdict is that both go hand in hand. Both are needed together. Choosing only one will make us lopsided. Only thing that we need is balance . We don't need to choose. They are complementary and not alternatives.I would like to illustrate the example of a dancer. Hopping on one leg isn't much of a dance. To get in to the rhythm and sway to the beats we need both legs. I have used this metaphor because to me dancing represents happiness. I love dancing to Sufi music and I feel my soul reaching outwith love. Well more on that in another post soon. Similarly to enjoy the dance of live we need both materialism and spiritualism. The whole emphasis is on balance. Balance which is good, healthy and happy.


wholeliving said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, here's a post I had written some time back on balance, The Seesaw.


Anonymous said...

I guess the verdict was doled out without my vote being cast. I am going to use your poll to voice my opinion.