Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I have come across so many articles trying to describe what is Meditation ! I can describe how to do it. We can discuss why we should do it. How can I say WHAT it really is. To feel it is easy. To define Meditation is difficult indeed. If you ask a bird to describe sky, what will he say. He will say, well it is all around me, sky is just sky. If he has to put it down in words it would be near impossible. The finest and most beautiful things in life can only be lived. One can experience them, enjoy them, but it is difficult to describe them. Its like LOVE. All of us have experienced it some time or other. In some way or the other. If you are asked to put in words,"what is love", how will you go about it ? We can write songs on love. We can write poetry, put it to music, write epics about it. All these are only about love. They never say what is love. Each person who has experienced love will have his own definition of love. No two people will describe it alike. Science cannot prove it exists. Still all of us believe in love. No one says, "I will not believe in love till it is scientifically proven". People believe in love only because larger part of the population has experienced it. We have opened our hearts for love. Thus love can flow in any time. We are ready for it. We long for it, wait for it, want it. The day we open our hearts towards meditation. The day we will long for it, we will understand it better. More of us will experience it. If more of us will experience it , more of us will believe in it. All you need is an open heart. A willing soul. Rest will just follow. Be an empty vessel and you will fill up. Meditation will happen.


Starfire said...

Hi again Anadhura

Another interesting post :-)

You're right - it's easy to describe and define the meditation process. But the process isn't the essence; just as the map isn't the territory.

I think if I had to sum up what meditation was for me, it would be 'connection' - connection with myself, connection with the world around me, and connection with Spirit.

That's just for me though... everyone else's definition can and no doubt will differ ;-)



Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

You are right starfire, meditation is such a personal experience that its bound to have different meaning for differnt people.

Ray Gratzner said...

I felt motivated and encouraged after reading your post and Your writing has power. Keep on writing.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thanks Ray..

Thoughtscape said...

Dear Anuradha, are there any certain foods that should be avoided if you want to meditate? How long before meditating someone should not eat? Do you have a certain diet...or it does not matter. It would be nice if you’d post once a week a schedule for the following week with the time you meditate and you are willing to allow others to meditate at the same time with you (you would name it Session of Meditation for December 2007, or January 2008 etc. this would motivate people…procrastinators). You said that usually you focus at your third eye, what if we focus at…your third eye instead of ours…you have the most beautiful eyes; it would be easy for us to concentrate at your third eye, like you were a foot away from us? I believe you have a very strong Aura and your Psychic would help us submerge into a deeper state of meditation, you could be “the open door, the highway to a different dimension”; although the meditation is an individual experience, still it could have a common denominator and that it is you. Love Octavian