Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I thought I knew love. I love my parents. I could die for my brother. I could kill for my children. I could sell my soul for my husband. Love was all around me. What did I need to learn about love! The knowledge was all around me. Most chart busters are love songs. Most epics are love stories. We even have a special day to say I love you. This kind of love I understood. What about the kind of love I had heard about at times. Love for God. What god ! Where was he ? How can you love something you have never seen or heard or felt. That was one love I didn't understand. I could never identify with people going to church to sing in ecstasy for the Lord. I could never understand the Sufis. I could never understand the bhakti marg( path of prayer) of Meera( an Indian queen in love with lord Krishna who forsake all her fortune in order to experience his love in prayer) or the love of Radha.

Then I got lucky somehow and discovered Meditation, rather Meditation discovered me. I used to wonder," I am still the same. I have been meditating for months but I haven't changed a bit." I was wrong. The fact that I could now look at my faults and feel the need to change was change in it self. Slowly, I realized what Love is all about. I am no authority on love . I have no copyright. All I can say is that I know it better than before. I still may not know what Love is. I know a little what it isn't.

Love is not possession. When you possess another you render that person inanimate. You reduce the person to an object. Possessiveness shows only one thing, you cannot trust the other person. There was a board outside my class room where we wrote quotes for the day. One has been with me since I first read it. If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you its yours, otherwise it never was. I guess now time has come to rise above this quote as well. Love can bloom only in true freedom.

Love isn't some thing to drive away your loneliness. You have to enjoy being alone. Aloneness is our nature. We are born alone and we die alone. I love being alone. If I am with people all the time it suffocates me. I long to get away and be myself. In fact I have discovered who I am only when I have been alone. Loneliness has negative connotations. Being alone is positive. Loneliness is dark, being alone has a beauty. You can be lonely in a crowd. When you are with some, be with that person only because of one reason, you would rather be here than anywhere else. Love should be like that.

Love is never constant. Love has to be ever changing. My husband isn't the person I fell in love with and I am not the girl he fell for either. Fifteen years have passed and lot has changed. Love has to change and evolve along with people. You have to keep and eye on that change. You have to accept it, know it, feel its pulse.

Slowly as I started meditating more I realized love is gratitude. So is happiness. Without gratitude there can be no happiness. Happy souls create love. With gratitude comes the feeling of thankfulness. When I felt I had so much to be thankful for I discovered prayer.

This discovery of prayer was amazing. I fell on my knees, rather my inner self or soul did, and realized another dimension of love. I felt God. I felt good. I realized love is intrinsic part of human nature. We usually don't get the right environment to nurture it. It is inside us. We go looking for it out side and that's why we never find it. Love will show itself if only we let it. Love is inevitable. Its like a river, it will flow out and seek the ocean. I didn't have to aid that journey I only had to insure that there were no hindrances. It is natural for the river to flow to the sea, you don't have to guide it. This flow is ultimate love. I am not saying any other type of love is small or false. I am just sharing how I felt in meditation. I am just trying to assimilate what I have learnt by writing it here, by sharing it with you, by putting it up for discussion..........feel free to leave your thoughts and comments.


Louis said...

Wonderful post Anuradha. I have never forgotten that special moment when I first made contact with Divine Love. That was truly the beginning of life for me.

Blessings to you and your family,

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thank you Louis...you have put it very aptly. Life takes an amazing turn for the better.

Anonymous said...

I think IF anyone can find love in real life , well he is very lucky. This divine love is just a dream. It may be a nice dream....but an illusion for sure.

Thoughtscape said...

The concept of God must be embodied in our genes that’s why we are aware of His /Her Omnipresence, some of us want to go deeper to understand "the mind" of God, therefore they meditate. Dear Anuradha, are there any certain foods that should be avoided if you want to meditate? How long before meditating someone should not eat? Do you have a certain diet that helps you meditate easier...or it does not matter. It would be nice if you’d post once a week a schedule for the following week with the time you meditate and you are willing to allow others to meditate at the same time with you (you would name it Session of Meditation for December 2007, or January 2008 etc. this would motivate people...procrastinators). You said that usually you focus at your third eye, what if we focus at your third eye instead of ours...you have the most beautiful eyes; it would be easy for us to concentrate at your third eye, like you were a foot away from us? I believe you have a very strong Aura and your Psychic would help us submerge into a deeper state of meditation, you could be "the open door, the highway to a different dimension"; although the meditation is an individual experience, still it could have a common denominator and that it is you. Love Octavian.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Dear Octavian,
You cannot focus on my third eye. It has to be yours. You could chant any small prayer if that helps you consentrate. Basically don't start a session right after a meal, it makes you sluggish. don't think too much what to do not to do just gather your energies and get to work.

Thoughtscape said...

OK, it makes sense, thanks Octavian

lance said...

God is love. Love is God. Love is when you are living for something besides yourself.
If you ever want to talk I'm just an email away.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thanks for the wonderful thought lance.I surely will get in touch with you.

Anonymous said...


This sounds like a much more satifying sky to fly in.