Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Blue Fire...

In meditation I have experienced the blue light or rather the blue fire often. It is very wise. Its like a key to many locks. It holds many mysteries. When ever I have experienced its presence I have been shown the right path. I think its powerhouse of knowledge. It knows all the questions I have inside me and all the answers too. I feel blessed, cleansed, rinsed, brand new, innocent when ever I have seen this fire. Its so paradoxical...its fire yet it doesn't burn. It doesn't destroy, it purifies. Its warm not scalding. It is so full of life. It dances with joy and makes you want to do the same. It gives me wings, my spirit soars. I almost feel not human.....alas I come back to Earth and all my follies and short comings are back inside me. My demons that I have to fight and overcome. I often wonder why are we what we are . If our purpose in a life time is only to rise to a higher vibration then why make it so difficult. Being a good human being is tough enough, where will we get the will to rise above that ? Every day I test myself and every day I fail. Some body up there must really really love me to overlook all my faults and bless me nevertheless. There has to be a higher plane I have experienced it. I cannot deny this knowledge anymore. I have been baptised by the fire of knowledge. I wonder at times was this what Moses saw atop the mountain ! I obviously don't claim to be him....but I still wonder ...


Ray Gratzner said...

This post made me curious, when I came to your site for the first time.

I remembered the blue fire, one of several flame-colours in 2006.

I know it is very essential for getting rid of the influence of people who are negative towards you.

And I think the knowledge should be spread.

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

I think so too ray and hence this blog. I just write here to share with everyone and anyone what I have felt and learnt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anuradha, I have a question for you if you can help me with it.. just searched the internet for this phenomenon I've been experiencing for sometime. Maybe you can shed light on it since you also see the blue fire. Other sites speak of a blue light but I too see a blue fire.. I dont know if its the same thing.
I also see the blue fire..sometimes within seconds of closing my eyes for sleep and usually I am very relaxed. On some days the ball of fire is white and sometimes orange but mostly 90% of the times I see it its blue. It starts out big as if its coming from within my eyes and it grows smaller as if it was traveling away from me and as gets to a certain distance away, another large one shoots out again doing it again and this repeats.
I've read short paragraphs around the internet about it but am uncertain about what to do from here.. should I be doing something specific? Can you share your experience about what you know about the blue fire and where to go from here?.. or perhaps a good internet site which has more info on this?
I dont have an account on google..