Thursday, November 15, 2007

There is Soul

I had often wondered about what we call our soul. Is it really there ? Does it leave the body once we die. What would it look like and would it evoke feeling of fear or awe. I had been religiously sitting for my meditation sessions and feeling at peace with my self. The sadness of my Papa's demise was slowly lifting. A huge void was there but peace was finding its way back in my heart. I had often seen the lights I have mentioned in my fifth post and experienced the feeling of positive energy filling me up many a times during this month. I was completely engrossed in the warm feeling of deep meditation one day when I came face to face with my friends mother. This friend is my brother's college mate and we grew up in the same neighbourhood. I grew closer to him when we found ourselves in similar situation in life. Both of us were battling with one parent suffering from terminal cancer. He lost his mother a few months before I lost my Papa. I was completely shocked standing face to face with her. Frankly I hadn't been thinking about her for quiet a while as I had my own grief to battle. She looked at least 15 years younger and in radiant health. I could feel happiness and excitement oozing from her being. I was shocked or rather surprised but not afraid at all. There was no negative energy around her. She had a message for her family, who were having a very difficult time coming to grips with their loss. She shared her excitement of finding out that she was going to be incarnated again. The next minute we were standing near a house which I can best describe as a small town or country house some where in Europe. I was wondering why we were here. She showed me a four year old blond girl and said, " she will be my elder sister. They are a good and loving family and I shall be their second daughter." It was here it started dawning on me what I was a witness to ! She wanted her family to realize that she was happy and starting afresh. They should not mourn her any more now. She wanted them to be at peace the way she was. She slowly sort of dissipated right in front of my eyes and I found myself hovering at the brink of my consciousness. I slowly opened my eyes but the wonder I felt in my heart and soul didn't ebb for weeks. I had indeed interacted with a spirit and found first hand about reincarnation. I also realized that a soul knows the family it will be born in before hand. I felt the excitement of a new beginning. It is an experience I am still in process of assimilating, never the less I realized I ought to share it.

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Thoughtscape said...

The only genuine visual experience I had meditating and sliding in the Delta state of mind having my mind wide awake was the one I described in my Red Tunnel. It was enough for me to believe that we all are by far more than we think we are.

I was and I still am skeptical about Reincarnation because there is no need to experience something that we already did. Would you like to go back to the Elementary or High school once you graduated from College? There are infinite levels and dimensions of the "Universe", beyond anything we dream or believe...I personally want my spirit to go forward to experience them. It is said that any cell of our body has enough information to make a clone of us, but for a reason the cells from the skin, liver, neurons etc use just the knowledge and info specifically for its true function... likewise between our minds there is an unseen connection, in other words you might know everything about me in your subconscious mind, although you live on the other side of the Earth, and you might use some of my experiences I had, that would work for you in certain situations. Subconsciously we might know everything about anybody from a different Galaxy, from a civilization more advance than us...that help you, for instance, to achieve deep meditation, or Einstein or Hawking to come with super equations about our existents...and then you pass the knowledge to the rest of us making us better people...maybe that is why you write your meditation blog, to assure us that it is OK to do it, to experience the unseen, the paradox the impossible to believe.

Somebody said (an artist, a painter from that she can’t enjoy the happiness if she does not understand the lows: "If you're going to live life then you've got to have high and lows... otherwise it's not much of a life". I told her that the happiness has infinite levels of highs and we do not need to "program" ourselves to be bitten up by life in order to appreciate and taste the happiness.
My father died of a natural death at 84; I wish his spirit experience a hyper dimension... there are infinite of them...