Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The two experiences..

These two experiences got me thinking. What exactly was happening to me. I had seen my parents meditate. Both my parents have authored books on meditation, kundalini, mysticism apart from various other topics. It wasn't openly discussed in our house till we reached our twenties because our parents wanted us to grow up without preconceived notions and biases. Now that we, my brother and I, were of the right age they shared some of their experiences with us.It got me thinking. My parents weren't raving lunatics. What if they were right. I wanted to find out for myself. How could I make up my mind about something without experiencing it first hand. At the back of my mind was another thought that I shared in my first post. I decided this was something I would like to explore further. I didn't want to proceed in a haphazard manner where things were happening to me. I wanted to go out and seek them. I need to train under a master and I didn't need to look very far. The difficult part wasn't trying to find a guru. People waste years, sometimes a lifetime trying to find s apt teacher. My problem was looking at my mother with different perspective. My mother was my cute little mum, she didn't fit the picture of a guru at all. I contemplated for weeks and the suddenly it dawned on me that she was my first and sweetest teacher. She had taught me to walk, to eat, to talk, everything. Why was I having any difficulty looking up at her as a teacher now. So I took the plunge and asked her to be my mentor and guide. What followed was a journey that is very difficult to describe in few words. It has been most amazing, interesting, intriguing, experience of my life so far.

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Indian Home Maker said...

I tried but never succeeded in meditating.