Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How it all started...

My first brush with meditation was involuntary and sudden. My mother had organized group meditation in my house. This group meets every month under her guidance to meditate together. My job was to ensure a clean house and hot tea. I was curious but sitting with a group of people to meditate thinking about god was not something that came naturally to me. To top it all Iwas a confirmed atheist. I was sitting in my dinning room wondering if anyone of them was going to do something dramatic and interestingThe room was quiet and the people still. After a while I felt a little woozy and shifted from the chair to the floor. Next thing I heard was my mother's voice warning my father not to disturb me. I wanted to answer back and open my eyes but I couldn't. I had a feeling as if I wasn't here completely. It was a very intense and strange feeling. I had no idea that an hour had passed by. I did not want to accept anything but a scientific explanation to what had happened. It must have been low blood pressure or low sugar or something I told myself. I was ready to accept any explanation but the divine one.
A few months later my visit to my mother's house coincided with another group session. this time I was not present in the same room. I was in the bedroom watching my son paint. I felt my eyes getting heavy but not the way sleep overcomes you. I could hear what was happening around me but as a background score. I felt a kind of stirring in between my eyebrows. When you close your eyes in daytime you never experience complete darkness. I felt as if i was in a pitch dark void. Before I could experience anything else my son jumped on my lap to show me his latest painting. I told my mother how I felt. she just gave a knowing smile and said this was bound to happen to you sooner or later. What did she mean by that ?

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