Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ka'ba as I saw it.

During one very intense session of meditation. I found myself floating near a pool of blue light. I had encountered such a light in the past as well. When I got near enough to touch this light, I saw an amazing site. I was standing near a breath taking beautiful cube made of something like crystal. It was radiating light in all directions. I could see through it and thus all its angles were visible to me. I would term it translucent rather than transparent. It had a milky white touch to it. I cannot describe how I felt standing next to such a beautiful and powerful thing. It was as if it were a powerhouse of energy. I heard the voice of my guide after ages. He told me this was Ka'ba. I found myself reaching out to touch the cube instinctively. The touch send a jolt of energy down my spine which was too much for me to bear and I suddenly widrew my hand. I had tears in my eyes looking at the sheer beauty in front of me. I cannot estimate the size but it would be as tall as 10-12 floors of a building. My guide told me a few things about the source of energy which alas I couldn't remember when I came out of my meditation. I sure wish I can go back there some day.


Louis said...

Wow! This sounds like quite an experience. I've had quite a few involving light, mist, and sound. I'll try and post some of them on my "Door" blog.

Anonymous said...

Some experience lady! Are you sure you weren't hallucinating!