Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And God came along..

I never set out to find God. My reason to start meditation was much more human and blase. My father was suffering from terminal cancer and I was almost paralysed with fear of loosing him or to be honest loosing all the love and attention I got from him. I have realized slowly that none of us cry for the one who is gone. We cry for what we will not get for that person is now gone.I had heard that it was possible to transcend the physical plane and reach the other world through meditation. That's precisely what i wanted to do, to be able to reach him sometime somewhere. The solace that it was not the final goodbye was all my heart wanted. god was not even on my mind

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Tharini said...

Dear Anuradha...

A friend gave me your link today, as I was just beginning my journey in meditation, and I ahve been entranced with every word I havr read. I am travelling back in your archives to get to know your journey better and this post touched me sooo much. God bless you.