Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to Meditate

I recently got a comment which made me realize that I have never talked about " How to meditate ". Out there on the net you will find dozens of techniques, I will talk about what worked for me and may just work for any beginner.

Its a good idea to walk around your house and find a place which you love. The area should be as neat and clutter free as possible. Also keep in mind that it should be a place where you are least likely to be disturbed. It makes good sense to meditate at the same place every day . The simple logic behind this is the creation of energy field in that area which will act as a positive reinforcement for you.

Sit in a comfortable position, making sure your back is straight. You don't have to sit cross legged on the floor. You could sit on a straight chair or on a floor cushion with your back supported by the wall. keep your hands in your lap. Let them fall naturally in place, they should be connected or over lapping.

The aim is to concentrate. I repeat my mantra to help me gather my energy and still my mind. Some people like to listen to slow rhythmic music. You could try focusing on the flame of a candle. It could even be a thing of beauty like a flower.

I start by closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing. Breath deep and slow. I concentrate on the life force gushing inside me with each breath I take. Don't fight the thoughts that assault you. Watch them . Let them flow over you. Don't get involved. When ever I find a thought getting stuck in my mind I do the balloon thing. I just smile and tie a balloon to that thought and see it drift away. After a little practice I got better at this. I am not telling you to become completely free of thoughts. Just decrease their traffic a little.Having said all this, don't get stuck in rituals or routines. They are there to aid you, not distract you.

Morning is a good time to meditate. If I am able to fill myself with positive life force early on, negative energies have no place to foster themselves. Just remember any time is good time if it works for you. Go by you body clock and rhythms.

When you sit with your eyes closed concentrate on the area between your eyes. This is the last energy chakra. If it makes you uncomfortable try to focus on the same eye level but a few inches away from your face. Initially try to sit for ten minutes and slowly build on from there. The key is to enjoy this experience and not get frustrated if you cannot focus . The more relaxed you are the better you can concentrate. The key is to be happy in what you are doing. Don't try to be the master of your thoughts, just flow with them and one day you might be surprised by the fact that you have left them far behind......


Hotboy said...

Hello! Thanks for the message on RaBlissBlog. I started another blog dealing more directly with vajryana in July. If you want to know the URL just leave another comment on RaBlissBlog and I'll get back to you. Hotboy

Louis said...

I have read every post on your blog and feel thoroughly blessed. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! It is very helpful and helps to remind me that meditation should not be a struggle but just plain pleasure!

Take Care!

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Thank you Louis. God bless

Anuradha malik Jagdhari said...

Yes Francisca Meditation is actually pure pleasure and the ultimate joy. I am descovering that slowly but surely.Lots of love. God bless.

Anjali said...

Hi Anuradha, Great blog. Will love to read more. God Bless you and your family. Enjoy

amit said...

i think Meditation is not concentration. Meditation expands the consciousness and going beyond the mind.

i would suggest you to read Views of Jiddu krishnamurti and Osho on meditation at