Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The black tunnel..

Weeks passed before my next experience. During this time I saw the pulsating band of colours many more times. Sometimes it was primarily blue and violet, at other times I saw red and orange as well. One day I was sitting in meditation. After about half an hour I felt as if I was thrown into a vortex of black. A whirlpool which was sucking me in. It was pitch dark and I felt as if I was inside a very long tunnel. I was speeding towards the end but before I could reach it I moved as my back was really hurting. The shift in concentration brought about the end to this feeling.

A few days down the line I had the same experience. This time I came to the end of the tunnel and saw the most amazing blue light. It was very bright but still didn't hurt your eyes at all. Bright but soothing. I was floating surrounded by this amazing light. It was so peaceful. May be this is what infants feel inside a mother's womb. Safe, secure, peaceful, calm, happy. The list of words can go on and on but still won't be able to capture the true feeling. It can only be understood by another who has experienced it.


Thoughtscape said...

I am always happy and love to read the OBE experiences of other people. I enjoyed reading your experience…thanks for sharing it Octavian Here is my paranormal experience I had:

Tharini said...

Anuradha...I am amazed. Because I have been journalling my meditative experience of a few days and what I thought was my imagination playing tricks seems to be a lot more legitimate from your own descriptions. I saw the colours too and the tunnel with the light at the end, and the dizzying feeling of being sucked into a vortex of I feel doubly motivated to keep up with my efforts.

I have written about it here: