Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Joy...

Apart from the disbelief, lots of people question my act of meditation. I do not meditate any longer for any interesting experience. In my heart I don't carry any desire to meet my father. Why do I meditate then? The benefits apart, there is untold happiness in it. When you meditate you empty your self of all thoughts. This includes the negative thoughts as well. Negative thoughts are most efficient at burning our life energy. That's why we feel drained when we are sad or angry. When you are empty positive life force can fill you up. Positive thoughts give you inner harmony. They make you feel happy and at peace. When you are happy you can work better, live better, love better. This doesn't mean I never harbour any negative thoughts. Oh i do ! Its just that I know its better to get rid of them fast. I haven't risen above the worldly things. I have just come to appreciate them better. I fall, and fall often. I just try harder the next time not to repeat my follies.

Positive life energy or the cosmic energy is all around us. Our receptor has to be switched on and at the right frequency to receive it. There is nothing very mystical about it. Sometimes if we are reading a very absorbing book or listening to our favorite music, we are completely immersed in the experience. We can feel the joy and peace washing over us. This is akin to meditation. Meditation just not mean just sitting down with your eyes closed chanting a mantra. Meditation means living for the moment, living in the moment. Experiencing and enjoying it completely. Giving your all to it. We just need to simplify our lives a little. We need to have sometime to contemplate, to be silent. If we can cultivate silence inside us. Rest of the things like will follow.

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Thoughtscape said...

I used to meditate in the past (when I was between jobs), but not anymore, though in the last months I had the need to breathe in and out saying in my mind Buddha ("Bu" when I breathe in, and "ddha" when I breathe out; Or Jahveh (God), or Joshua (Christ)or my name Octavian etc.... In the last weeks I say it in my car driving to work, 10 times for each of them, and I say it loud, it feels good. I even say the name of the author of the book who taught me how to do the self-hypnosis, William W. Hewitt. I always believed that we all are by far more than we think we are, I believe in the Darwin's Theory of Evolution, just that from nothing you can't evolve into something... so it must be a Divine power, most of us name it God, that created the first atom or molecule that was able to divide itself and re-combine forming new elements ...complex organisms etc... I wish I have again the will to meditate at least 10-15 minutes every day, to feel my body numb and my soul elevating to a different dimension. I believe that we all are a significant part of this Universe and that we learn from one another. Last year in October I was in Europe and taught somebody how to meditate and do self-hypnosis to fight against the lung cancer she had, I gave her hope, a couple of months later (January this year) I heard that she died, the cancer spread to her brain...she was only 40 years old. I really thought I could help the lady to live...but I couldn't, and I am feeling confused.

The OBE (Out of the Body Experience) experience I described on my Blog was the only genuine visual experience I had using the self-hypnosis (though when I was a child I had a paranormal vision being in the country on the balcony, and I saw very clear my grandma’s bedroom “hanging” in the sky). I also had a couple of paranormal experiences where I felt myself levitating and peaceful (dark around me). The picture on my avatar is me as a child, on the balcony I had the paranormal experience when the sky opened from inside out like a rectangle and closed itself from outside in after about one minute